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Servicing & Repairs

Garage Door or Gate not working the way you'd like? Door accidentally closed on a car? (It happens a lot - trust us!)


If you are within 20km of Mona Vale, we are able to service or repair your Garage Door or Gate.


We are not ones to tell you that you need any more than you actually do. If we can fix it easily and quickly, we will do just that. If you do need more, we will be transparent about that upfront so you don't have any unexpected costs.


Our call out fees start at $180+ GST for servicing and $70+ GST if you are after programming of remotes only. (Parts are charged at an additional rate)


We recommend getting your Garage Door and Gate serviced every year. If you re-book at the time of payment, we will hold your price for the next year.



If your car is stuck or you need emergency access to your Garage or Driveway, call us now for attendance within 12 hours. Call out fees for Emergencies start at $350+ GST.


Garage Door Service

Door noisy? Motor getting stuck? Just not working the way you'd like?


Gate Service

Gate getting stuck? Not engaging with the Track? We can get it up and running again!

Garage Door or
Driveway Gate Repair

Has your car or gate been damaged?

Don't worry. We are here to help. 

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