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Garage Door Options

Feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start and need some guidance? Simply click on the link below and we will help guide you, or scroll down to learn more about the ins and outs of Garage Doors!


Need some guidance?

Our handy Initial Enquiry Guide makes the process easy. Simply answer a few simple questions and you are only a few clicks away from your new Garage Door!

What are the sizes called?

What about the types?

And the styles?

And the materials?

Ok, I've got it now. But...... prices?

Whilst you may look at a door and think, surely they are all the same right? Unfortunately, no. There is a huge numbers of variables to consider which greatly affect the price. $5k would be a rough starting price, to....well.... the sky is the limit!!! (Or the roof!!!)

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Pre-Made Doors

Budget friendly with strong, safe and reliable operation

In order to provide you with a range of alternatives, we partner with an external door company, b&d, who pre-make garage doors. b&d are renowned for their quality product and reliability with a range of Colorbond doors available.

Custom Doors

You dream it, we will help turn it into a reality!

As long as we have the hardware to help make sure it operates, there really is no limit to the design of your garage door. Chris has been known to invent the impossible and has pushed the designs to limits even we couldn't have imagined!


Don't forget the nitty gritty stuff!

Pre-Made Door Profile Options

Pre-Made Door Texture Options

Pre-Made Colour Options

Dulux Colour Options

Custom Wood Options

Window Options - Style

Window Options - Colour

Timber Look Options

Wood Look Colour Options
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