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Worried about your pets or children escaping without your knowledge? Looking for a unique way to increase the kerb appeal to your home? Or simply wanting some additional security and privacy? Our range of Driveway Gates can do all of the above!

Single Sliding

Space Saving

Long Lasting

Perfect for wide entryways

Single Sliding Gate


Highly Customisable

Available in Timber or Aluminium

Sliding along the length of your property rather than opening in along your driveway, sliding gates are a highly effective and space saving solution. Perfect for wide entryways, they are highly customisable and able to be fully automated. One thing to keep in mind however, is that you will need the equivalent amount of space as the door is wide plus an extra 500mm for the motor mechanism.

Telescopic Sliding

Highly Secure

Long Lasting

Captivating Motion

Telescopic Sliding Gate


Space Saving

Made in Mona Vale

When you want to save space but don't have much to work with, our Telescopic Sliding Gates may be the best option for you. Requiring only half the width of your driveway plus 500mm for the motor, the gate panels overlap as they move and stack behind each other when fully opened.


Available in both Single Telescopic Sliding where all panels go to one side, or Double Telescopic Sliding where they open from the middle towards each side, we are able to customise the perfect solution for you.

Single Swing


Long Lasting


Single Swing Gate


Perfect for narrower driveways


If you don't have the width next to your driveway and are looking for a stylish and economical solution, Single Swing gates are the perfect option. Requiring power to only one side and opening in one single piece, it is important to remember that the gate will open to the width of your driveway inside your property.


The Single Swing gate is perfect for simple and open designs as one post must bear the weight of the entire gate.

Dual Swing



Space Saving

Dual Swing Gate


Strong Curb Appeal


Opening from the middle, Dual Swing gates automatically produce a sense of elegance and luxury as the open inwards towards your property.


Available in a range of designs and styles, the dual design gates are a wonderful asset to increase curb appeal and added value to your home.


More robust against strong winds and with the advantage of only needing half your driveway width as swinging space, it is important to remember Dual Swing gates require power to both sides of your driveway with one side housing the motor, and the other requiring a General Purpose Outlet (GPO).

Rising Gates

Single Swing

Perfect for slopes


Rising Gate

Dual Swing

Increased Security


If your driveway is on a slope and you do not have the boundary width for a sliding gate, our Rising Gates are the perfect option.


Available in Single or Dual Swing, they maintain consistent ground clearance whilst closed, and are designed to gradually rise to avoid touching against the ground when opening.

Pedestrian Gates

Added Security

Child & Dog Friendly

May decrease home insurance costs

Pedestrian Gate


Added curb appeal


If you are looking for the option to let visitors in without having to open your driveway gates every time, a matching pedestrian gate is the perfect and stylish solution for the wider driveway.

SIDCON / Turning Gate

We are the only certified SIDCON installer in NSW of their turning gate hardware!




Sidcon Turning Gate

Noise Reducing


Endless colour options

If you are after the look of a sliding gate but don't have the space, the Sidturn turning gate hardware is the ultimate solution. 100% Australian Made and Operated, Sidcon provides the highest quality hardware, tailored specifically to your project.

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