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Insulated Garage Doors

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer- Turn your garage into so much more than just a place to park your car!

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When you have been working with Garage Doors for over 25 years, you have the privilege of watching the industry change and fads and trends come and go. 

One trend which has become increasingly popular over the years, and one that we don't expect to fade out any time soon, is homeowners turning Garages into so much more than just a place to park a car. 

From Home Theatre rooms, to Workshops, to additional accommodation, it is becoming necessary to have the ability to use your garage for so much more than what was originally designed. With that though, homeowners are wanting more than just a sheet of metal or single barrier of timber to keep the cold (or warm!) out. 

That's where we come in with our Custom Garage INSULATED Doors!


Why Insulated?

Energy Efficient

Help avoid the use of costly standalone heaters or fans buy building insulation right into your door. Just like your roof insulation keeps your home cozy or cool, your Garage Door which is directly exposed to the elements can do the same!


Insulated Doors come in a completely smooth finish and provide a look so many people are trying to achieve with Colorbond doors. 

And the best bit? They can be painted any colour you like!

Noise Reduction

Often our customers are using their Garages for additional rooms, offices or even home theatres. Insulated doors help to keep the noise from cars etc out, or the noise from family life in!


The extra thickness of the insulations helps contribute to the doors strength and helps to increase the resistance to dents and damage. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are they only one colour?

No! Whilst the doors come direct from our factory in a standard White or Black, they can be painted any colour you like! 

You can choose to paint it yourself or we can arrange for this to be done prior to installation at an additional cost. 

What are they made of?

The insulation in our panels are made from a Polyurethane Foam Material filled between two panels. 

Are you just sticking insulation on top of your frame?

The beauty of our Insulated Panels is that they are completely built into the panel. This leaves a seamless look from both sides of your garage door and ensures a smooth and consistent look. 

Surely they must be much more expensive than a standard Colorbond door?

We are so excited that the answer is no! As these are our brand of panels, we are able to provide a cost effective price that your wallet will love!

Do they require more maintenance?

Generally the answer is no! They are designed to be more durable than standard doors and withstand regular use. 

If you choose to paint your door, this may need maintenance depending on the way your house is facing and how exposed to the elements, but this should not be any more than a normal wooden painted garage door. 

Ensure you service with us yearly to help ensure your door runs perfectly for many years to come!

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